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Cinealta is Gaelic for kind.  Not only will kindness produce better business outcomes by way of greater productivity, greater efficiency, greater creativity and greater success;  kindness in the workplace will also seep out into society and contribute to a kinder world.  A kinder world is a healthier and happier world.

Most leaders have had moments of behaving like an oppressor; however, being the occasional tyrant is not an immobile position.  My goal is to shine a light on such moments with the aim to eliminate them altogether.

Deciding to be compassionate is a choice, and my mission is to use science and research to convince leaders that substituting obnoxious behaviour for compassionate behaviour is good for them, good for business and good for society.

Geraldine Taylor

Arseholes make terrible leaders

A multitude of studies over the past 20 years has shown that happy staff work harder, are more engaged, motivated and productive. Furthermore, happy staff take less unscheduled leave and are more likely to stay with their employer. 

Leaders you are more powerful than you know

But with that power comes responsibility

Being kind is good for YOU

Live a happier, more productive and successful life

Changing the world through happier workplaces

Full-time staff spend approximately 40 hours of their 112-hour waking week at work (56 hours deducted for asleep). If those staff work for a toxic leader, that is more than a third of their waking lives spent working in an unhappy and unhealthy environment. Emotional contagion means that not only are tyrant leaders inadequate at their jobs; they are also afflictions upon society and the world.

Leaders what can you control during a global pandemic?

Compassionate leaders are good for business