Cinealta was founded in Melbourne by Geraldine Taylor, a former diplomat for both the Australian Government and the United Nations.

Cinealta exists for the sole purpose of helping organisations increase productivity and profitability.  

We do this by teaching leaders the skills necessary to inspire employees to engage, collaborate, innovate and thrive.  

Cinealta believes that it is possible for every organisation to be staffed with people who are excited to come to work on Monday morning because they view their work as exciting, meaningful and stimulating.

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Behind every person, lies a true story. Who am I? How did my project come to life? And what keeps my clients coming back, today? Let me take you on a journey that’s been anything but ordinary.


  • Organisational cultures able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions don't just happen.  
  • Agile workplaces exist when innovation is celebrated.
  • Innovation happens in environments where there is trust. 
  • Trust must be earned. 
  • Trust is built when leaders are authentic.
  • Authentic leaders are exceptionally self-aware.
  • Employees who are encouraged to innovate by authentic leaders are more productive.
  • Greater productivity equals greater profit, greater success and greater opportunities for innovation - and thus the cycle begins again.  
  • Workplaces that embody the qualities above contribute to better economies, happier individuals, happier communities, happier towns, happier cities, happier countries and a better world. 

What we know for sure:
Cinealta's leadership training course "The 8 principles exceptional leadership will help leaders create a more profitable business where the best talent dream to work and change the world  in the process "