compassionate leadership: because kindness pays

Do you yearn for a happier, more productive workplace?

Exceptional leadership is not a divine gift; bestowed upon a lucky few the day they are promoted. Rather, it is a skill and, like all skills, it can be learned through study and practise. 

Cinealta's leadership training transforms individuals into exceptional leaders capable of eliciting optimal performance from staff. Our unique program 'The 8 Principles of Exceptional Leadership'™ is the product of more than 17 years of international leadership experience.

Exceptional leaders transform organisations into places where staff view their work as exciting, meaningful and stimulating.  

Organisations that invest in their leaders increase productivity and profitability through the mobilisation of highly engaged workforces motivated to perform at their highest capacity. 


To equip leaders with the skills to be exceptional by educating them to elicit optimum performance from staff.
To contribute to the creation of a world where every worker feels the bliss associated with contribution and success.


We value integrity, professionalism, authenticity and compassion.

These values motivate us to get up every morning and are the reason we are so passionate about developing stronger and more effective leaders.


Online Learning

The 8 Principles of Exceptional Leadership™ - at your own pace
10 lessons
$695 enrolment fee*

Face to Face Learning

Two-day face to face training course presented in house by a Cinealta trainer

Leadership consulting

Tailor-made for you

Cinealta works with individuals or small groups 

Watch a video introduction to the course

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